This week I received my lovely new Kenwood mixer that I won back in September when I entered the Clandestine Cake Club’s Cake competition at the Earls Court Road Cake & Bake show. It’s the best thing ever and I love it. As it has a dough hook I’ve decided to try out bread this week.

Dont forget you can bake with me and post your results on my blog. I’ll be back on Tuesday with my results.

Bye for now – Myfy

As you can see from the photograph, I did it……. I made my first loaf of bread which was yummmm and went really well with the corn chowder I made. I used Paul Hollywood’s easy white bread recipe and the best bit was watching the dough rise in the glass bowl with that lovely yeast smell.

Well I’ll be back tomorrow with next weeks challenge. Remember you can bake along with me and post your creations on my blog.

See you tomorrow

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