Bakewell Tart

I helped out today at the monthly coffee morning, that our neighbour Sharon runs at the village hall.  When I wasn’t making tea and coffee I tasted all sorts of cakes and my favourite was a little Bakewell Tart,  so that got me thinking I should try a Bakewell Tart next week.

So next weeks challenge is a bakewell tart, what I haven’t decided is if it is to be a big tart, or lots of little ones.

I’m still waiting for somebody to take on my challenge and cook with me.  

Thats me for this week, I’ll see you next Tuesday with hopefully a lovely Bakewell Tart.

Well as you can see I went for a big Bakewell tart. I went with a BBC Good Food recipe. They said it will last in a tin for up IMG_9638to three days – LOL. The pastry took a while to get right but eventually I got there. I do think I need to practice my pastry a bit more so watch out for pastry in future blogs


This week I received my lovely new Kenwood mixer that I won back in September when I entered the Clandestine Cake Club’s Cake competition at the Earls Court Road Cake & Bake show. It’s the best thing ever and I love it. As it has a dough hook I’ve decided to try out bread this week.

Dont forget you can bake with me and post your results on my blog. I’ll be back on Tuesday with my results.

Bye for now – Myfy

As you can see from the photograph, I did it……. I made my first loaf of bread which was yummmm and went really well with the corn chowder I made. I used Paul Hollywood’s easy white bread recipe and the best bit was watching the dough rise in the glass bowl with that lovely yeast smell.

Well I’ll be back tomorrow with next weeks challenge. Remember you can bake along with me and post your creations on my blog.

See you tomorrow


IMG_8710Helloooooo – Myfanwy here, it’s week one and as my lovely Aunty Fi gave us lots of cooking apples I have decided to make an apple cake. I’m going to use Mary Berry’s Apple & Cinnamon cake recipe which my Mami made and it was lush so hopefully mine will be even better!

Pop back on Tuesday to see the results but it would be even more fun if you were to bake your own apple cake and post it on my blog and we can work out who’s cake is the best.

I’m off now to Bake n bake

Whey hey – I’ve baked my first blog and posted a picture of my finished cake. It didn’t rise like my Mam’s usually does so I need to work out what I’ve done wrong but it still tastes yummy especially warmed up and with ice-cream.

Pop by tomorrow to find out what this weeks challenge is going to be and remember you can bake along with me and post your creations on my blog.